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In order to make your product outstanding, we will provide you with the most efficient and effective processes that ensure the best design possible.

Criclabs Services Design

Information architecture

Information architecture is the structural design of information you want to share with your customer, which helps encourage conversion and decision-making in your website.


Wireframing helps structure content and functionality for the best design of your website or product from an understanding of user needs and journeys,


From our understanding of your target combining with how you want to position your brand. Branding strategy will help you connect with your target in a way that benefits your marketing strategy in the long run.

QA design

Quality Assurance is a step in the process between development and testing. It helps you review and ensure the coded version of the UI before testing.

UI design

From our understanding of your customer behavior and your branding, we will create the best interface that is practical and impactful to make your product outstanding.

Design system

The design system will help your designers and developers align on a design process that brings more efficiency and effectiveness to the whole process of product development.