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Vanus Couture, a brand of wedding gowns for brides and grooms at the quintessential level, guaranteeing quality for 5 consecutive years of Best Thai Wedding Dress Award and trusted by a lot of celebrities from Thailand. They are always meticulously finding the finest materials to customize our precious wedding gowns. Some materials we seek from Europe directly. Therefore, their customers can be proud that materials we use are different from others.


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Challenges & Solutions

Vanus Couture faced a lot of challenges during COVID-19, coming from the stop weddings, competitions, and price wars. They wanted to revamp their website to improve marketing and branding functionality. So we created a new website for them with Webflow to empower them not only the flexibility but also the SEO strategy that pushes boundaries for customer acquisitions for them. Previously they only acquired customers through paid advertisings which cause a ton of marketing budgets, with this strategy and implementation will help them acquire more customers with less budget in the long run.