Criclabs exceeded our expectations by consistently delivering everything on time. Their commitment to timeliness was impressive and ensured a smooth project completion.
Na-pajra Umpudh
CEO - Cloud HM
Increase in organic traffic in 3 months
Technical SEO health score
Cloud HM, a prominent player in Thailand's cloud services market, approached our team seeking to elevate their digital presence and improve user engagement on their website. Recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience, strong search engine visibility, and persuasive content, Cloud HM enlisted our expertise in UX/UI design, SEO, and copywriting to enhance their online platform.


Key Challenges Faced by Cloud HM

Outdated User Interface

Cloud HM's website had an outdated design that failed to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly experience to visitors.


Low Search Engine Visibility

The company's website struggled to rank highly in search engine results, limiting organic traffic and potential customer reach.


Ineffective Messaging

The existing website lacked persuasive and cohesive copywriting that effectively conveyed the unique value propositions and services offered by Cloud HM.



Transforming Cloud HM's Digital Presence

UX/UI Design

By conducting in-depth discussions and gathering insights about Cloud HM's target audience and business objectives, we gained a deep understanding of their customers' needs and pain points. This knowledge guided us in revamping the user experience and interface design of their website. 

Our design team crafted wireframes and prototypes, incorporating intuitive navigation, clear information hierarchy, and visually appealing graphics. Through iterative design iterations and feedback sessions with Cloud HM, we refined the design until it perfectly aligned with their vision.


Search Engine Optimization

To improve Cloud HM's search engine visibility and attract organic traffic, we began with comprehensive keyword research. By analyzing industry trends, search volume, and competition, we identified relevant keywords and phrases that resonated with Cloud HM's target audience. Leveraging our expertise in on-page optimization, we implemented keyword-rich meta tags, headings, and content optimizations. 

Additionally, we conducted technical SEO audits, ensuring that the website had proper indexing, sitemap, and optimized page load speed. Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with Cloud HM's SEO team to align the optimizations with their overall SEO strategy.


Content Writing/Copywriting

To establish a persuasive and cohesive brand voice, we engaged in extensive discussions with Cloud HM's stakeholders to grasp their unique value propositions and service offerings. Our professional copywriters crafted compelling and engaging copy that conveyed the benefits of Cloud HM's services, addressing pain points and capturing the attention of their target audience. 

We ensured consistency in tone, messaging, and brand voice across different sections of the website. The copy was tailored to optimize conversions, with clear calls-to-action and persuasive language that encouraged visitors to take the desired actions.



Results in Focus: A Synopsis of Our Accomplishments

Enhanced User Experience

  • Reduction in bounce rates and improved user engagement metrics.
  • Increase in website session duration and pages per session.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

  • Higher organic rankings for targeted keywords.
  • Increase in organic search traffic and new website visitors.

Compelling Messaging and Conversions

  • Higher click-through rates on calls-to-action.
  • Improved conversion rates and lead generation.
Through a collaborative approach and continuous feedback loop with Cloud HM, we established a strong partnership built on open communication and shared objectives. Our collaborative process ensured that the implemented solutions aligned seamlessly with Cloud HM's brand identity, business goals, and target audience preferences.