Optimizing Customer Experience & Acquisition For A-decor

Criclab’s expertise in revamping our website and scaling our organic traffic was truly commendable. The exponential growth we experienced in such a short time was beyond our expectations. We're now empowered with a powerful online presence, all thanks to their strategic efforts.
Suphachet Kopatta
CEO - Adecor
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic checkout completions
Adecor approached us to transform their website and boost organic traffic. With their previous development collaboration concluded and unsatisfactory SEO outcomes from a prior agency, Adecor sought a dynamic solution. Together, we began our mission to refresh their online strategy, revitalizing their digital identity.


Key Challenges Faced by Adecor

Lackluster Website Engagement

The existing website failed to engage visitors effectively, resulting in poor user interaction and limited conversions.


Discontinued Development Collaboration

Adecor faced challenges due to the conclusion of their collaboration with their previous development vendor, leading to uncertainty in maintaining and improving their digital platform.


Underwhelming SEO Performance

The client's previous SEO agency was unable to deliver the desired outcomes, leaving Adecor's organic traffic and search engine visibility far from their expectations.



Campaign Synergy: Simultaneous SEO & UX Design Initiatives For Adecor

Holistic Content Strategy

  • Our SEO efforts began with a comprehensive content strategy tailored to engage customers at every stage of their journey. 
  • This strategy encompassed informative, navigational, and transactional content, ensuring a seamless progression through the sales funnel.

Intuitive Redesign

  • Concurrently, we executed a complete overhaul of the website's design to enhance user experience. 
  • Aesthetic improvements, intuitive navigation, and responsive layouts were the cornerstones of this redesign, aligning the platform with our target users' preferences.

Development and Technical SEO

  • We transitioned the website from Wordpress to Webflow, harnessing its efficiencies for enhanced performance.
  • Through meticulous redirect mapping, we preserved link integrity, ensuring uninterrupted user access and search rankings.
  • Concurrently, we optimized technical aspects, fortifying search performance by addressing potential crawling and indexing hindrances.


Results in Focus: A Synopsis of Our Accomplishments

794% Organic Traffic Surge

The strategic synergy of our initiatives propelled a staggering 794% increase in organic traffic. This phenomenal growth underscored the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to SEO, content, and user experience.


Page Speed Revolution

A profound transformation was witnessed in the website's page speed score. Elevating from the low 40s to an impressive high 90s, this improvement not only enhanced user experience but also positively impacted search engine rankings.


Featured Snippet Triumph

Adecor's progress soared with 81 acquired featured snippets. These positions amplify visibility and credibility, establishing them as industry leaders, alongside our collaborative efforts.